Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whistler Gold

My first visit to Canada, I was around 2 yrs old, we were at Stanley Park (Vancouver BC) and I ran around collecting all these maples leafs that were everywhere on the ground. I showed Mom who said, "Wow Michele, those are some big maple leafs! They're bigger than your head! Look at the flag... it has a maple leaf on it. We're in Canada..." My eyes got big... I love Canada! Maple Leafs - YAY!

When the Knit a Norwegian KAL started, Whistler was an obvious choice. Some of the events will be held at Whistler for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics...
Dale of Norway Whistler 2005
Dale of Norway Heilo - Black, Cherry Red, Natural & Goldenrod
2.75mm, 3mm & 3.5mm needles
size small
It is my first Norwegian sweater. It wasn't easy. I called it 'My Project from Hell.' 

I had problems with tension. I figure I knitted it twice. It killed my sewing machine, so I had to borrow my Mom's. I ended up with at black collar instead of red because the pattern was wrong - the symbols for red & black are switched. I noticed after I sewed in the zipper & tacked all the facings down. Now I like the black better (do you really want the black plackets pointing at your chin/nose?!)

I need to thank the members of the KAL who were so supportive, encouraging & sympathetic. And my Mom for the use of her sewing machine. Without you, I would have gave up.... instead...

Look at the maple leaf! It's bigger than my head! The hat is a bonus. I love my sweater & hat. :)

My goal was to be finished in time for The Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! YAY me in pajama pants! Why is Kamati guarding the yarn? Why is Smoothie staring me down?
Whoa, now it's getting interesting. What are those things made of? Are they totems?

I joined the 2010 Knitting Olympics. I will be making my Dale of Norway Fox sweater. I get to start when the Olympic Flame is lit and have to be done before it's extinguished - 17 days. Why am I doing this? I'm Going For Gold! The YarnHarlot - Stephanie is putting out the challenge. She will be knitting Whistler! I'm sure she will finish in time. She's super speedy, skilled & Canadian. :)

Yay! The flame is lit! (Wooly went to sleep, so I had to take the picture.) It's past midnight. Why? Because they aired it on a delay. Jerks! So I casted on & went to bed.

This morning I woke up early & got this done. 

Going for Gold baby!


Anne said...

I'm surprised the Olympics were on delay for you on the West coast .... I thought we here in the East had to stay up alone..........

You can do it -- finish that sweater in 17 days!

I'll be cheering you on!

Dorothy said...

You are so beautiful in Whistler - pajama pants and all! What was with the delay?? We're in the same time zone for cryin' out loud. We didn't even realize there was a delay until hubby was chatting with his cousin in Arizona and they were getting it live! Looking forward to finishing my Whistler - I'm sure I'll need your help.

Acornbud said...

What a beautiful sweater! And accomplishment!

Jewel said...

Yes - on the West Coast we get everything delayed including the Grammys and Oscars, even though they happen 6 hours from here. :sigh:

But to more important things: Your Whistler is perfect and you are so cute wearing it while watching the Olympics! You look so cute.

Lorraine said...

Michele- Canada feels the same about you. You look amazing in your Dale.

Brigitte said...

I agree, Canada loves you too, Michele!! Wow, your Whistler was worth the grief - it looks fantastic! Heh, 3 out of your 4 colours are in my Sapporo. Oooo, I hope they haven't messed up my pattern, because I will NOT have your patience.

nordwolke said...

Yeah, go for gold with your new project. :)
THAT maple leaf is really big. Big and beautiful.

Sonya said...

Awesome sweater, Michele! It looks wonderful on you too. We were totally enthralled with the Olympics too.