Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stare Down!

Kamati is my Name...!
Stare Down is my Game...!
You can NOT resist my wish...!
You can NOT resist my wish...!

Wooly: So, you're done with Rain Cloud... but Kamati still has that 'ring' on his head...??!

Me: He's a YARN SWIFT...!!!

Wooly: What??!! A Swift??!!! Haaahaaa! *flip back PEZ head laugh*

Kamati: Damn it! C'mon you guys! NOT funny! Stop Laughing!

Yes, it never ceases to be funny!

Kitty Stare Down

So, earlier this month was my birthday. I woke up, looked out the window, and saw Tuxedo Kitty doing his gargoyle imitation on the fence. I thought, "Oh! What a great birthday present!" Then I looked again... and saw 2 tuxedo kitties on the fence, doing their gargoyle imitation, and one in the yard! I stared. Three tuxedo Kitties?! I couldn't believe it! Impostors?!

"Neener neener!"

So, I go downstairs, pour my coffee... Wooly says, "Happy Birthday! Did you see the 2 tuxedo kitties on the fence?" I said, "Yes, and one in the yard! I think this is Tuxedo Kitty's 'neener neener' birthday gift!" :)

Wooly got me roses...

I bought myself some Filatura Di Crosa - Superior (cashmere & silk) in lavender and a pink one for Kamati (notice no yarn on his head.) Now he wants the tiara! The ladies at the shop were happy and told me I deserved it. I've only stared at the yarn 3 visits in a row. :)

"Ooooooh! My Preeeecious!"

What I really wanted was Luskentyre, but they're 'sold out.' I emailed Carolyn and mentioned it . She heard they'll be restocked in April. I hope they had a cold winter so those sheep have lots of wool! I don't have the pattern/book and like the cardigan.

Best present!

My nephew gave me the best present of all... A Happy Rock card!

My brother said they had a great time at the beach finding the happiest rock... then it was time to get back in the stroller! He should have named him Wyatt... then he would be Quiet! ;)

Instead, he got Yellin Kelan!

How's that for a cool Irish name? (I think they spelled it 'uniquely') Wooly is hoping he lives up to his name and plays the bagpipes. We know he has good lungs! He looks at Kelan's hands every time. I just hope he has good common sense!

Keep your eyes open! The best gifts are free!

Happy Knitting!


Brigitte said...

What?! It was your birthday and you didn't mention it!

Well, I think you made out pretty good...Nice yarn choices. You'd better keep an eye on Kamati, he's getting a bit feisty! I thought maybe there for a sec Wooly had gotten you a Tuxedo Kitty for your birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Lorraine said...

Did Tuxedo kitty have kittens?

Happy Birthday- I like your rock.

Anne said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I see you did yourself well, and Wooly and Kamati did their part -- and even the tuxedo gang arrived!

carolyn said...

Happy birthday... after the fact. I hope you had a great one and the roses are beautiful!
Nice new yarn too.
Doesn't Kamati feel left out now that your yarn is in skeins already.
Hard to believe there are 3 Tuxedo kitties in your neighborhood!