Sunday, March 2, 2008

Autumn Oregon

Presenting... Autumn Oregon Oregon Autumn Cardigan by Alice Starmore
Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007
Jamieson Spindrift
Turbo Addis - 3mm + 3.25mm

I have to thanks my hero Anne for the Jamieson's colorway. Jamieson's is thinner than the Hebridean used by Alice, so I made a larger size and ended up with my size. It was fine with me, it meant more leaves and trees! It's mild where I live, so thinner is more wearable.
The only thing I forgot was that 'she' places her buttonholes off center. Wooly thinks it's so the band doesn't flop over. There was no way I was going to rip back. Only knitters like me would notice though, so I'm letting it go.

This was another 'shaping without fear' for this year. I was thinking of changing the V neck into a cardigan, but decided to be brave. I'm happy that it's not a huge V, so I know I'll wear it. The colors really pop. Wooly says this is his favorite of all time. I'm feeling lost now that it's done.

So, what's next?! I dug up Marina and found I had buttons tucked inside the box, so I guess I had plans to make it! I haven't started yet, because it's 71cm or 28 inches long. I'm only 62 inches tall. Do the math! I might just make it as written and use it as a coat. It'll be very warm.

Looks like I'll be busy winding yarn. Wonder if Kamati will help me? I've got a bribe in mind... we'll talk about that and other silliness later this week.

Happy Knitting!


Laritza said...

You did a beautiful job. The colors look great on you. Congratulations!

Anne said...

Looks fabulous!

Lorraine said...

Very nice. And it looks terrific on you.
Congratulations to you and Anne.

Brigitte said...

Oh wow, it's beautiful, and it looks great on you!

Yikes, I didn't realize Marina was that long... Well, it's going to make a great "next" project!

(You know...Wooly may be right about the buttonholes being off center. I've always wondered too, seeing how Jade doesn't do the same thing.)

Laritza said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could not find an email to reply. Seems like you have your email set to no reply. That's ok I found you. I am very happy with having donating my hair :D. Princess is coming along just fine. I stopped for a while because the needles were giving me trouble. I got the new ones in the mail today. Happy day!

carolyn said...

Oregon is just beautiful and you look great in it too! You, and Anne too, did a wonderful job.
I think making Marina to be a coat is a great idea... of course, that's because Abalone is long too, and I decided to make it a 3/4 length coat.
Also, since it's the VY yarn, it's going to be too heavy to wear indoors.