Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hippity Hopper

Easter at Mr K's house...
"Basket? I don't need no stinking basket! OH! here's another one!"

Mr K hunts for eggs in the house, since it rained all day. Egg dye would have been running down the streets!

After the hunt... My brother thought he looked kinda sneaky... Notice the monkey on his shirt.

"Are they looking? Laadeedaah... I'm just standing here doing nothing! What. Nothing is in my fist! Honest!"

I send him a card and stickers for every holiday and tell him to share with his friends, then stick the rest on the wall like his Dad use to do. I hope he doesn't have a sticker in that fist! hee hee! :) He looks like a cartoon character to me.

Easter at our house...

"Mom! Look what the Bunny left us! I saw him! He threw everything off the couch! I was pretending to sleep! Honest!"

Whatever. Kamati must be delusional, I'm the Easter Bunny!

Wing 'o the Moth Shawl by Anne Hanson

Rowan Kidsilk Night - Ballerina

Clover Bamboo Needles - 4.25mm or US6

It was a quick enjoyable knit with large needles. I love the slight sparkle and the leaf and flowers on the edges. It tickles the girl in me.

Kelp sighting...

Now I'm working on Laminaria from Knitty. It's Estonian Lace, which I find fascinating. Making 3 into 3... making 3 into 9... I found this Hand Painted Misti Alpaca, which I think is a perfect color. It looks like my lawn with moss. (Don't tell Wooly... he gets obsessive about having a perfect lawn with NO MOSS!)

I showed my friends at work. Mary said I could make it for her... which I was hoping for since she just bought a blue moonstone pendant that I want. She wishes she had bought the bigger one. So, I'm gonna make my 'play' for it. Wish me luck! :)

Down the Rabbit Hole...

So, I followed Lorraine down the Woolen Rabbit hole... What a slippery slope that was! I'm not complaining! I didn't leave empty handed!

I bought the Magic Carpet and Arabian Nights kits. Beads were bought separately from Foxden. I'm so thrilled with the colors! I think that dark purple would make a cool Irtfa'a (Anne Hanson - again - I know.) I'm making the Magic Carpet for Linda (co-worker) who's gonna retire and move to Arizona soon. She makes jewelry and is really good with color. Anytime I doubt myself I ask for her help. I'll miss her.


So I was showing Wooly all my loot...

Wooly: "How do you spell 'spoiled'??"

Me: "M-E!!"

Wooly: "M-E..?? Medical Examiner? What?"

Me: "Hahaha...! (hit him) No! *ME* "

The sitcom *never* ends! :)

Happy Knitting!


Anne said...

Never follow Lorraine anywhere LOL!!!! It can be very dangerous!!!

Love your lace knitting.

and your nephew, too cute!!! (did he have a sticker in his hand?)

Brigitte said...

Oh, I know...Lorraine has me tumbling down the rabbit hole too!

You crack me up - your shawl was a quick knit?! KSH?! Oh, you're funny! It's beautiful, the Easter Bunny has great taste!

Mr. K. is so cute!

Lorraine said...

Michele- Ohhhh! I'm in shawl heaven!

Kim's yarn is the BEST- you will enjoy every stitch!

(I used stickers for potty training- they had a calendar and got a sticker for every success).

Naomi said...

Wow. Everything is so beautiful!

What color beads did you get for Arabian Nights? I can't decide! I agree - it would be gorgeous for Irtfa'a! Love that one too!

So much fun stuff out there to venture into/down into! I'll follow your progress. Good luck!

carolyn said...

WOW!!!!!! Such gorgeous lace. I'm really envious... lace and I don't get along. I get so exasperated that I start wishing for scissors to have a go at ite!