Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maple Christmas

Happy Holidays!
Hope to see you soon!
Love, Michele & Wooly

Yes, that would be Maple.  I swear I'm losing time. I woke up and realized I didn't have a new sweater to wear. I barely finished her in time for our Christmas card. 

Wooly thought we should just bag it, but it makes me so happy to see our friend's cards that I told him we HAVE to spread the joy. 

We won't talk about how he almost smashed the camera because he couldn't figure out how to set the self timer... (Here, give it to me! *beep beep click* How'd you do that Michele?) and how he didn't want to find a sweater to wear...(Okay, just put on your coat.) geez! The bonus is that he's smiling. He never smiles in pictures. I just kept smiling at him and he smiled back. Guess my smile is infectious. lol!

Does he look thinner? He lost 20 pounds since 10/28 when I rushed him to urgent care at 2:30am. I won't tell you how many red lights I ran. Turns out it was a kidney stone. Took 3 days to pass. He passed it on Halloween. Mom said it was his Halloween surprise - lol!

Maple - Rowan 50 - Marie Wallin
Rowan Felted Tweed
3mm + 3.25mm needles
Wooly really likes this sweater and said if he was a girl, he would wear it.

I was going to use plain plastic brownish buttons until he told me that using those buttons is like hanging one of those green tree air freshners in your Ferrari. He handed me these metal ones and said, "Here, use these. They're made in Germany...they're metal... silver goes with everything."

I don't recall asking for his input. I don't drive a Ferrari either. What's going on?!  lol! :P
"All I want for Christmas... is YOU!  And 5 things on my list!"
 (Did you watch Glee? Rachel... omg. I could take lessons from her.)

"What am I? An ELF?"
(Tony in NCIS. Wooly laughed so hard.)

 Look out! The dragons are gonna get you!

Do you realize that 2012 is The Year of the Dragon?!
We're ready. Bring it on!


Anne said...

Love Maple - Wooly looks great - and yes, there be dragons in 2012!

Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2012!

Lorraine said...

Michele- Wooly's face does look thinner, I couldn't tell because of the coat.

Great picture- and wishing all your dreams come true in 2012.

Dorothy said...

Love the picture and Maple is gorgeous! Of course, all your sweaters are and they always fit so beautifully. I have trouble getting hubby to smile in posed pictures, but can usually get candid ones. Merry Christmas to both of you and yeah! for dragons.

Sigrun said...

Your Maple is lovely. I am making a sweater shortly in Felted Tweed. Looking forward to it. Merry Christmas to you and Wooly.

Brigitte said...

Maple is beautiful! Totally worth the spazzy charts...

Oooo...3 days to pass a kidney stone...

I hope you guys had a great Christmas! Did Santa's elf bring you anything good?