Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Ones

I bought Rowan Lace because I love the cover shawl. After watching videos on how to crochet and taking notes, I grabbed my hook and made the blue flower out of alpaca lace. It's 9cm instead of 6. I bought the recommended hook size US7 and tried again using pink Lacey Lamb. It's the right size, 6cm.

I've seen these flowers before. I'm pretty sure Wooly's grandma Marie made these into a pillow cover or sweater - she was crafty. Marie Wallin updated this little flower into an elegant shawl. I'm super curious about Rowan Fine Lace - 80% baby suri alpaca + 20% fine merino. Modern yarn + modern color... look out! I guess I have to buy some... after I decide which color.... that could take a while. :)
 Our favorite soy, Ed Amame is modeling what I got done on Maple (Marie Wallin). I'm doing the back + front panels at the same time. Cute flowers.
 Speaking of cute. Here's Mr K and Aaliyah (my cousin's grand daughter). They're both almost 5.

Her family was in town, so we got together for dinner at Brother's house.

She ran up to me yelling, "Auntie! Auntie!" (In Hawaii, you're 'auntie,' no relation required.)
I said, "OH! look at your crown! Are you the QUEEN?!"
She put her fists on her hips and said, "NO! I'm the PRINCESS!!!"
I'm trying not to laugh and manage to say, "OH! Right!"
She starts jumping in place and says, "Auntie! You NEED to come to the PARTY!!! Come on!"

Meanwhile, her little sister, who's Corey's age, is wiggling her hips and yelling, "Poppy!"
Her mom says, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"
Aaliyah yells, "She's saying PARTY! Come on!"

It was hilarious and lots of fun. I told my friends about her and they think she's my 'mini me'.
I wish they lived closer.
We also got together with the quartet. See Coco the brown dachshund by Wooly's shoe? She knows who's  pack leader. Gordon thinks she's her dad reincarnated. She loves bagpipes.

They had to play for their supper. The neighbors all started clapping and yelling when they finished. I thought for a second we were in Canada. Wooly thinks they were glad it was over.

I was impressed. The way Wooly talks, you would think they suck, but they don't.

We had fun and should get together with them more often.

Speaking of little brown dogs... Wooly and I were on our walk and I heard this growl. Then this little brown dog jumps out in front of us and starts running ahead. He was nervous and kept turning around to see if we were still there. Sure enough, he had to poop, so he squats on the grass at the edge of the sidewalk. As we approached, his nose was sniffing at us... we just walked passed him, calm assertive. Now he's behind us, snooping around and running up to us. I guess he wanted to be part of the pack, but not the leader. Wooly is in front and kept turning around to glare at him. I told him to ignore.

Then we hear from behind us, "Is this your dog?" Wooly turns around and here's this beautiful blonde jogger. He says, "No, he's just following us." I look down and now the dog is practically on my shoe. She says, "You need to go home, dog!" and she runs by us. Sure enough, the dog runs and leaps after her. Wooly says, "Now he's your dog." She says, "NO! Dog, you need to go home!" she never breaks stride.

We turn the corner and luckily the dog didn't follow us. He had a collar and license. I told Wooly I hope someone didn't just dump him off. We haven't seen him since, so we hope he found his way home.

I guess I have to be careful what I wish for. I want a dog to find me. But, I want one that's bigger. Like 50 pounds and confidant. In the meantime, Wooly's my rottweiler. :)

I can't believe October is almost over.
Happy Halloween! Are you ready?
I bet Aaliyah will be a Princess.

Happy Knitting! :)


Anne said...

Bagpipes - yeah!!!

I'm rethinking Maple for myself - I think it might be too pink for my autumn colouring. hmmmm

Love the lace book too - I have it on order but haven't got it yet - rather annoying LOL!

You are a cute Auntie!!!

Lorraine said...

Michele- I'm always ready for Halloween.

it's interesting, but I know how to crochet, I just don't.

I think you need a dog- a BIG ONE.

Brigitte said...

LOL, me and a crochet hook! Malcolm would do a better job, and he has no opposable thumbs.

Look at Mr. K.! And the Princess!

Hats off to you for working through Maple. That chart is retarded. I bought yarn for Birch, and got so pissed off at the intarsia... :/

Happy Halloween!