Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Focus

I'm on the 8th center repeat for The Queen. The photo only shows 5. I'm too lazy to take another picture. I'm so close to getting her done! I wish I could stay focused....
Meet Maple. I got my Rowan #50 Knitting Magazine. I have to make it. I got the bottom rib done.
 Meet Holly. I ordered yarn (felted tweed) for her too. I'm pretty sure I'll end up looking like a turtle... but don't care. I don't want to make it shorter. I think it would ruin the design.

We went to Seaside Oregon to get away.
We walked on the beach early in the morning. I was looking for sand dollars. It really looks like summer, eh?! We usually just take picture of scenery, so here's proof I was there!
I took this picture from our deck. He's feeding the seagulls cheetos!
 Here's Wooly feeding Benny the Mooch. I told him to just be calm, no sudden movements... really! he'll take it from your hand! Cool! People walking along the boardwalk started stopping and staring, so we stopped.
 Another cool thing was watching this guy fly his kite. I think he was practicing his routine for the competition. Made me want to learn how to do that.
We also went to the Highland Games in Enumclaw. We were giving Wooly a bad time because he was sitting so close to the judge (who's the only American to win individual gold in Scotland - Wooly says it's a big deal) that he might as well sit with him at the table!

After one of the guys finished, Wooly said, "Wow! What a set of hands!"
                                              Gordon said, "Wow! What a set of pipes!"
                                              I said, "Wow! Did you notice his sporran had a face?!"
Wooly put his hand on his head (so it wouldn't explode) and walked away.
Gordon was laughing.
I said, "Really! It had a face! It's an animal!"

Don't you wish you were there too?! LOL!

Brutus has two red tomatoes! We've had a real mild summer, and a really great tomato plant. Wooly thinks it's borderline abusive to plant Brutus in this weather where he can't really 'give it a go' because it's not tomato weather here. I'm not complaining.

I'm off to enlarge Maple's chart so I can see it and start the pattern.

Maybe next time I'll show you my finished Queen.... or not!

Anyone seen my focus?

Hope you're having a great summer!
Happy Knitting! :)


Anne said...

I've got the yarn right here for Maple and for Holly too! Great minds think alike. Unfortunately Holly will probably morph into a cardigan LOL!!!

The Oregon coast looks wonderful - what video of Meg Swansens does she knit while on the Oregon coast - the Faroese Sweater - I might just watch that again!

Dorothy said...

No simple projects for you! You always seem to have complicated projects going. I love Seaside - maybe we need to make a road trip there. Give Brutus my love. Our plants are loaded with tomatoes, but nary a one is even light orange yet.

Lorraine said...

Michele- You're really close to finishing your shawl. That's amazing.

I saw a badger sporran at the Highland games in Fergus. Maybe Wooly needs one?

Brigitte said...

No! I haven't seen your focus! That's because I'm too busy looking for mine...

Oh wow, I love Maple. Holly looks pretty awesome too, there, *gulp*, intarsia involved?!

Laritza said...

Which Queen are you knitting?