Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monsters & Snow

"Hey! Hey! We're the monsters!
And we're just hanging around...
Soon two of us will be leaving...
And heading across town..."
"Hi! I'm Niobe. Like my curls?!"
"Hi! I'm Morpheous. 
Yes, Mom was watching Matrix while making me 
and decided I wasn't complete without Niobe. 
She really likes her crocheted curls."
"Hi! We'll be heading to Mr K & Corey's house soon.
We hope they give us names!"

These monsters are lots of fun to make. I could have made the whole Matrix crew - lol!
You know how I am! *sigh* Sanity, it's a good thing. 

I used Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted - Pioneer, for Morpheous. 
Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted - Icehouse & Lakeview, for the boys.
Lorna's Laces Green Line DK - Red Rover, for Niobe.

First Snow

November 22nd will be a day I never forget. It started snowing in the morning and started sticking in the afternoon. I was at work, totally distracted. I left at 4:30pm to catch the bus with Lynn. We caught the first bus heading to the Park & Ride at 4:40pm. At 5:15pm, Wooly calls me to see where I am - I'm close to Macy's. He says I should be home by 7pm. I laugh. I'll be lucky to be home then. 

Then, our regular bus pulls ahead of us and Lynn & I jump off and run after our regular bus. At 7:30pm I call Wooly and tell him we're at 8th & Olive (4 blocks from Macy's). He thinks I'm joking. He thinks I'm at the Park & Ride and want him to come get me.

At 8:05pm we finally get on I-5 and there's heavy traffic heading north, so we're plugging along. The temperature is 23*F, not counting the wind chill. It's like we're in a snow globe & very windy. Lynn says we better get across the bride before they close it. There's hardly anyone heading south.

At 8:50pm we're stuck on the bridge. I call Wooly at 9:30 to tell him we're mid span on the bridge going nowhere. The entertainment is that the guys are jumping off the bus & jumping the barrier to push the cars heading west that lost traction. Wooly freaks out and yells, "I DON'T WANT YOU OUT THERE PUSHING CARS!!!" Dude, I'm not. I'm wishing I had my camera so I could document this trip.

At 10:30pm I report to Wooly that we're still on the bridge. The bus died twice. Now we have no heat. My legs are freezing. I'm wishing I had the Sofia Wrap from Rowan 48. I've got to make that.

At 11:30pm we're still not moving! I can't believe we've been here forever! Wooly tells me that according to the news, I'm in the worst spot.

At 12:05am we're moving! Yippee! I-405 is totally clear. Everyone must be home except us.

At 12:15am we pull up to the Park & Ride and I start digging out my car - with no deicer or scrapper. The only good thing is that it's very bright, the wind died down, it's not snowing, and no one is on the roads now. I assure myself that my car is great in the snow and I will make it down & up the huge hills with no problem and get myself home.

At 12:45am I pull into our driveway! Hooray! Wooly is still awake. I'm cold, tired and beyond hungry = me at my worst. Wooly asks how I made it without peeing for 8 hours? 

I'm a camel.

I had the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving, so I just had to make it home. 
Here's Wooly and my car. He thought it would be fun to go out the next day. I stayed home. Someone stopped on the hill on the way home and he had to back down and try going up it again. I warned him of the stupid drivers that ruin your day. He was beyond pissed. It snowed again Thanksgiving day. Good thing we weren't going anywhere. I never left the house until Friday.
 Mr K and Corey had fun in the snow.
 Look out!

So, this last Saturday, Mom calls me and says, "I know we were going out to lunch, but, Mr K called and said he and Corey and Brother are coming over. Why don't you just come over too!" You can see where I rank.

Wooly dropped me off while he went to play with his friends.
Brother said he asked Mr K if he's played Wii at Grandpa's house before. He said, "Yes! Remember, Michele was there!!" Yippee! He knows me! And I was there again!

Notice Mr K's shirt. 

Corey was pointing to Mr K's shirt babbling away and Mr K says, "Yeah Corey! I'm wearing my bowling shirt! And I'm bowling!"

I say, "Yeah! Good call Corey!"

Mr K looks at me and says, "Ive got 2 pins and 1 ball."


So, I've been in a knitting funk lately and really having a hard time getting motivated about anything. Wooly asked me what my problem was last night and I did my silent scream and he started laughing. I hope my mojo returns soon... or I'll have to make the whole Matrix crew - lol! 

Happy Knitting! :)


Dorothy said...

Those monsters are just too adorable! Where did you get the pattern? I need to make a toy for a knitting challenge and they would be great. My son got stuck in Seattle and finally just got a hotel room. What an ordeal!

Anne said...

Reading about you trying to get home....brings back memories of slugging through the snow......oh dear, being stuck on a bridge though - scary!

Love your monsters - and your nephews - how adorable they ALL are.

About the Mojo - why not get out the yarn for Anastasiya and cast on -- the colours themselves will make you happy - and the 3 colours per row - well, you'll get the hang of that easy enough.

Come on - go for it!

nordwolke said...

Yeah for the monsters!!! :)

Lorraine said...

Michele- I love the monsters.

Hey- I have a Grand Am too- but it's the one Alex and Laura drive. We just put snow tires on it.

Maybe you need to make more Monsters?

Brigitte said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the knitting mojo thing...

Ugh, what a nightmare! I'd have pee'd myself. I'm like you - cold, tired, and hungry does not make Brigitte a happy girl.

Those Monsters are awesome! I want to make one for Sasha! Where did you find the pattern?