Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Bonnet Bonkers

So, you know my nephew Mr K is going to be a big brother in 3 weeks...

And you know how I can get obsessive about things...

Along comes Anne & Harry Bear with Capillifolium...

The rest is bonkers!

Pre-blocking. Modeling by Kamati & Smoothie

"It's Baby Bonnet! NOT Bunny Bonnet! MOM!"
"I fail to see the humor. I like my horns!"

Blocking shot. I used 15" violet pots

"YAY! Now it won't fit us anymore!"

Whoops! Now there's three. Funny how that happens.
Capillifolium Baby Bonnet - Alice Starmore
Jamieson's Spindrift from stash
3.25 dpns
For Mr K's brother & newborns yet to arrive

Top for Mr K's brother - Royal, Clyde, Pacific, Fjord, Madder, Crimson, Mustard, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber (Anne's - with subs since I have limited stash)

Bottom Left, in case it's a girl - Navy, Atlantic, Clyde, Sunglow, Coral, Spice
(Ransom left overs, minus Jade)

Bottom Right, more serious - Pine, Admiral, Poppy, Madder, Purple Heather
(Rosarie colors)

It's NOT me!

We went to my parent's house for dinner. Brother & Mr K were there.
I immediately see Paddington Bear & show Wooly who says, "Yes, he's wearing a Duffle Coat..." Not very impressed. Mr K & I start playing... he's a boy... he starts running around the house giggling.

Mom yells out, "Michele! Don't get him all worked up now!"
Me, "I'm not!"

Mr K continues running, like any normal 2 year old would.

Mom, "Michele!"

Me, "What? IT's NOT ME!"

I lie on the floor & play dead. Mr K runs by & looks at me while still giggling. Reaallly not my fault! Though, Mom always said it was a good thing I don't show up while she's baby sitting... it would be madness! I don't know what she's talking about! ;)

I asked Mr K, "Who's going to be in the photo with us?"
He brings the dog & Paddington.

Brother says, "Okay! For the BLOG!" and starts snapping photos.

Lilliputs Unite!

My favorite photo ever! :)

BTW - Mr K turned two in December. He's now a whopping 21 pounds.
So, how much does your cat weigh? If your cat were a little boy... he would be the same size as Mr K! :D

Wooly just asked me if I'm making another bonnet...

NO! But I want to!

Sigh, I'm off to get a life!
Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My first ever v-neck vest
Jamieson's Spindrift kit - She Ewe Knits
3mm & 3.25mm needles

I left off the last repeat on the shoulders to make it shorter, since I'm short & don't like deep v's.

I'm very happy with this vest & love everything about it. I consider it the standard from which all others will be judged. Are you scared? Me too! :D Great job Lorraine!

I'm moving in!

So, we got together to celebrate Christmas & Merry's (Wooly's mom) birthday - same day! Wasn't her mom clever?!

While we were eating, Poohla (Wooly's sister) hold us this sweater and says, "Hey! Check it out! Grandma Marie made this in the 1940's! Can you believe it? Doesn't it look modern?!"

Snotty (Wooly's brother) says, "It looks like something from the '60's"

Me "Boy was she ahead of her time! I love it! I wish I had made it. I want it!"

Ciss (Snotty's daughter) "I'll fight you for it!!!"

Don't you hate it when your niece has good taste? I could feel my hackles & claws coming up!

Check out those buttons on the sleeve! I asked Ciss what she had on under her sweatshirt... and she gave me a , 'boy is THAT inappropriate' look... I continued with, "Do you have a camisole on? I want to take a photo of you wearing it." She didn't & neither did I, so on the floor!

Poohla showed us her very organized craft room. She kept saying, "I've got so much CRAP!" to which Ciss & I, in unison would reply, "We LOVE crap!" I swear it's like a little craft store with all the neatest stuff. I announced, "I'm moving in!" Ciss said, "Me too! We'll just sleep right here!"

Follow your Feelings

I had the feeling that I needed to go to Village Yarn & Tea, since I hadn't been there in months.

Look what just arrived! Evilla yarn from Estonia! 100% wool in fingering weight with long color changes like Kauni, but cheaper! Approximately 800yds per skein. What am I making? Not sure, but I have Poetry in Stitches & have been wanting to make something from that book.

Meanwhile, in Mr K's world...


"... YAHHHH!!!!!...."

Someone got big boy pajamas & a crazy frog puppet for Christmas!

Isn't it nice when the little things make you happy... like Ransom, Marie's sweater & Evilla yarn & your silly nephew Mr K...

Happy New Year! Stay healthy & warm!