Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Red Fall

"Here comes Smoothie Cottontail...
hopping down the bunny trail...
WHOA! That's the biggest maple leaf ever!"

Blocking shot. I never get tired of these Chevron blocks!

Post blocking. You can really see the beads shining & nupps popping.

The details:

Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman
Knit Picks Bare Merino Laceweight - Geranium
(dyed by me using Jacquard Salmon & Fire Red)
S/L Gold beads size 8
3.5mm or US4 Clover circular bamboo needles
32" X 64" inches

I knit 8 yucca + 1 agave & beaded the edge.

It was a total joy to work on and I love everything about it.
I love Estonian Lace!
I'm ready for Fall... bring it on! :)

Speaking of Estonian Lace... look what came in the mail for me!

Direct from Estonia! If you love nupps, you'll love this book. I can't read Estonian, but the photos are breathtaking. It's full of patterns so you can design your own nuppy shawl. I've been hearing about this book via blogs... the final enabling happened in Ravelry.

I thought my nupps were pretty good... until I saw what they are suppose to look like. HAH! I'm always striving for perfection. :D
Now I want to learn Estonian.

More Red
"I wanna be a bagpiper!"

Poohla's second birthday. Can you spot Wooly? He's 5 years old & brother Snotty is 4.

Look! He's wearing this hat! LOL! I love it!

"Hey Merry! Is that YOU with the red ribbon in your hair? Looking pretty feminine! Who knew?!"

"Yes Michele!... That's me!... YEAH! Who knew?!... I was YOUNG once!"

Which poses the question... are bagpipers made or born?
I don't know either.

Wooly was just singing, "I wanna be a COWBOY..."
He's excited for Fall because he gets to wear his cowboy boots & jeans again...

I'm making progress on Bluebird for Poohla. The only blue bird I've seen are Blue Jays. I just happened to have one and he agreed to stand on the edge.

Blue Jays are really noisy, so you always know when they're around. I was standing in the kitchen thinking it would be nice if I had a photo of a real Blue Jay. Then I heard one... then I saw a flash of blue. I grabbed my camera & there he was standing on the fence holding his nut!

I can't believe I got a photo of him! I love that blue. I'm usually saying, "Hey Jay! You're disturbing my calm! What are you squawking about?"

Speaking of squawking...

Did you notice a familiar photo in the July/August Piecework Magazine on page 3?

Someone from Piecework saw that photo on my blog and emailed me and asked it they could use it. I said they could. Then they told me to write something to go with it. So I did. Then I forgot about it.

Early August I get an email from Anne - who's photo of Harry Bear wearing the bonnet she made got me started on this madness. She congrats me on my photo. Then I get an email from Monika - congrats on the photo.

What's funny is that Anne is in Canada & Monika is in Germany and they BOTH knew about it before me! lol! What a small world! So I called around and got 2 copies, one for me & one for Corey. (Hey Corey! Look! Your bonnet!)

I showed Mom and she asked why Corey's photo isn't in there like those 2 other cutie kids. Corey wasn't born when I sent the photo in and they wanted the 3 hats photo.


So, I hope you're ready for Fall. It was cool and rainy this morning, so I think Summer is over. That's okay with me, I've got my shawl!

Happy Knitting! :)


Anne said...

You LIKE nupps? LOL!!!

Must be Estonian nupps.

Your bluejay is much darker than our Canadian bluejays....I'll have to take a photo for you to see...

Lorraine said...

Michele- Your shawl is stunning. I still think nupp is a four-letter word.

Once a bagpiper, always a bagpiper. I think it's great.

Congrats on the photo in Piecework.

Sonya said...

Another amazing shawl, Michele! I love the shape of it. Congrats on the photo in Piecework. They know a high-quality knitter when they see one!

Brigitte said...

Oh wow, I love your Estonian Lace too! Wow, you know. Wooly has the best family names - Snotty and Poohla. It gives me ideas for naming the next addition to the kitty family, LOL!

Oh - a bluebird! It does look different from the ones I see around here - but what a great shot! Another addition to the family, I see. :D

carolyninalaska said...

Congrats on your photo in Piecework! I love your red, red Aeolian! I guess I won't be knitting that design anytime soon... NUPPS sound so scary!