Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"Look! We're a bluebird!"
"Shut up. It's too hot. Hurry, take the photo."

The details:
Knit Picks Gloss Lace - merino & silk - Mermaid
2 skeins = 880yds = 100grams
Size 3.75mm or US5 Addis Lace circular needles
S/L blue green beads - size 8
21"x 72"

I did 30 repeats of the center pattern. I had 2 grams left - like to live dangerously! lol! I remember when I first saw this stole on Romi's blog... I knew I had to make it for Poohla. It was an enjoyable knit and well written pattern.


Everytime I look through Haapsalu sall, I love Karukellakiri 1 - page 77.
So, I asked in Ravelry what it means and it's a Pasque Flower - purple.
They have rules about what defines a Happsalu sall. Now that I know, I'll probably break every one of them! lol! :D
I swatched using 2mm needles in Cashwool (left) and got 9x8 cms.
I swatched with Zephyr and 2mm needles (right) and got 10x9.5 cms.
But notice how the nupps show up better in the Cashwool?!
I love that twisty thing in the middle too.

I was so excited, I ran out to Main Street Yarn to buy some Cashwool.
I bought 2 skeins - pale yellow & pink. Brought it home and decided I hated the colors, so I'll overdye them!
The yellow one I dyed with Jacquard lilac & a touch of hot fuchsia.
It ended up being a sad mauve. Wooly said, "This is sad, sick, putrid... You're NOT going to knit with this are you? DO OVER." He doesn't hold back his opinion! lol! So I decided to throw it back in the pot with one package of grape Kool Aid and ended up with the top skein! I love it now and think it looks like lilac flowers.

The pink one I overdyed in one package of orange Kool Aid and got a peach color - lower skein.
I might throw it back in the pot with another package of orange to make it darker. Haven't made up my mind yet.

So, I'm all ready to use the lilac skein for Karukellakiri 1. Then I noticed it's similar to Maikell in Knitted Lace of Estonia - one less nupp. Funny, I have Maikell in my queue. I guess I like what I like!

The Gossamer Web

Fleegle opened her Etsy store, and guess what else I like? Maybe too much!

"They're bigger that me!"

Top 3 are Love Potions 3 (hey, it has 3 in it's name, I had to get 3 of them!)
Left is Poppy (Padma), middle is Violetta (Vesper), right is Tequila Sunset (Fiona)
2/36 merino (35%) cashmere (35%) silk (30%)
They're so soft and have that shine from the silk. They live up to their name - Love Potion 3. I want one in every color! Yes, I gave them names, wouldn't you?! :D

Bottom left is Sheherazade in Ultraviolet.
2/36 camel (50%) cashmere (20%) merino (20%)
I'm calling her Shohreh. Deep, dark & mysterious.
She's my favorite. Who knew camel was soft?!

Bottom right is Vorpal Bunny Ranch in Quince.
2/36 merino (50%) angora (40%) cashmere (10%)
I'm calling her Miyamojo. If I were a color, I would be quince.
I've been looking for that color, so I'm thrilled!

What am I going to make with them? Huh? Can't they be pets?!
Well, I haven't decided. One will be Lerwick. One will be Spring Shawl & one will be Spider Queen. I would love to make The Wedding Ring Shawl out of Poppy, but don't think I have enough, not to mention, I don't have the pattern yet.

Be sure and stop by The Gossamer Web and read her stories/descriptions of Vorpal Bunny Ranch & AK47. She's very funny and a dyeing expert. I'm so thrilled that she's making these luxury yarns available for us. Thanks Fleegle! :)

OH! and look in the sold section. She dyed Phoenix Peacock. I almost died! I love that color! NO, I didn't buy it. I wanted to though.

Can't live by lace alone

And look what else I scored! St Aula in Calluna (dark green) & Pebble Beach.

So, yes, I will be knitting something other than lace in the future.
It's all Brigitte's fault! She showed her St Aula on her blog & I died. That just shoved me over the edge. Hers is blue & green. Beautiful!

I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars. It's all smiles for me. I record it, so I can race through the commercials. I've got to say that I'm so proud of Kelly Osbourne. What a transformation! Gotta give Louis - her professional partner - alot of credit too, great teacher!

"Jonathan is a Smooth Champion like me... Smoothie!"
"Well, all the professionals have turtle tummies like me... Tale Telling Turtle!"
"SHUT UP you two!"

Okay, so I guess Kamati is tired of the peanut gallery. lol! :D

We're officially in Fall now, so I hope you're all gearing up for the holidays and cooler weather.

Until next time, happy knitting!

Peace out! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele!
Once again I enjoyed every single word of your post.
It's a little bit spooky: I fell in love with Karukellakiri 1 as well.
But I wasn't that successful: swatched with Sheherazade and couldn't figure out what these stitches outside the chart should mean. The swatch looked really messy and I gave up, because I feared that I might risk the entire skein of Sheherazade.
Might try again with a yarn that can be frogged...
II'm looking forward to your St. Aula! These colours are great and I need to enhance my queue *sigh*

Lorraine said...

Michele- Where to begin? That's an impressive queue of projects.

Rosemary would love a pic of your Bluebird.

Brigitte said...

Wow, now that is beautiful! Lucky Poolah.

Well, you did score some pretty good stuff there - I agree, quince would be a great colour to be!

So...have you started St. Aula yet?!!

Sonya said...

Your shawls are just amazing! Simply gorgeous. I can't wait to see your St. Aula. I have yarn wound for Henry VIII, but I can't seem to get going.

Anne said...

You are such a talented and versatile knitter -- it makes my head spin.

Gotta love those Virtual Yarns eh?

carolyninalaska said...

I can't believe I missed this post! Well bette4r late than never...
I love blue bird!
Can't wait to see St. Aula... I have the kit, but won't get to it for awhile. Henry VIII is calling.