Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring Home GOLD!

As you know, the Beijing Olympics are in full swing...
Mr K leads off with his Olympic Flame...
Let the games begin!

Then he enters his 1 meter pool to prepare for his 'event.'

We're not sure which event it is, but boy is he having fun. So much fun that my brother warned me to never use the word "P-O-O-L" around him.

C'mon in! You can sit on the ball!

He has his basketball in the pool just in case Kobe shows up... and can always make room for Michael (8 golds in 8 events in 08) Phelps. Okay, for Michael's feet. :)

I told Wooly that Michael got a million dollar bonus from Speedo for winning all 8 golds and what an incentive that is... even he (Wooly) would get motivated for that, eh? Wooly said, "YEAH!... well, maybe..." He's such a slacker!

2008 World Pipe Band Championships

The big event in Glasgow, Scotland on 8/16.

Guess who won?! Can you guess?! OMG!

Yes, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band won! The big boys!

AND their Drum Corps won the drumming is both MSR & Medley!

You know what that means right?! THEY SWEPT!

Here's a photo of Jack (pipe sgt), J Reid (lead drummer) & Terry (pipe major)

Here's more details.

They wore their black socks. :)

They brought home the gold too!

So, I had to celebrate... you know how I love peanut M&M's... they came up with these fancy ones and I bought 3 of the 5 flavors.

They're pretty tasty!

But I wish we were there with them when they won.

Wooly's going to buy the DVD when it comes out. I can't wait!

In Knitting News...

Yes, I remember this IS a knitting blog!

Can you believe only one month until fall?

They way I know is that my Summer Sampler Stole is almost done.

Eagle Feather (#10 - lower) and Fire Flies (#11)

There's only one more pattern and the edging left!

Unst v3 - Edging Along

They look like bunny ears... told ya Mom likes me best! (Smoothie)

Whatever! Where is Mom? She can't leave this on the floor! (Kamati)

So, I got the 2nd border done and started the crazy, incredibly wide/deep edging. I'm a sucker for cool edgings, even though part of me is chanting, "edgie wedgie, just kill me now!" :)

I remember on my Unst v1, where I ran out of yarn, lots of people (including non-knitters) suggested I just do a different/narrower edge and be done with it... I gave it a lot of thought and realized that the cool (but difficult/time consuming) edge IS the selling point for me. So, I'm edging along, singing my song... trying not to look at how far I have yet to go before I 'bring home the gold' too! :D

Have a great week! More next time (of what? I have no idea!) :)


Lorraine said...

Michelle- You are all winners- a future swimming athlete, Wooly and if there were a recognized Knitter's Olympics- you would be bringing home the gold.

Brigitte said...

Oh, yay Simon Fraser!

Are! *drool*

Glad to see Kamati and Smoothie with their knitting projects! They have such good taste!

carolyn said...

How could you tempt me at a weak moment, (Aren't all moments weak for chocolate) with that yummy picture of those special M&Ms.
Your lace looks wonderful... totally worth the edging.
(It's sure great to be back online an commenting on your blog again!)