Sunday, July 15, 2007

Loud and Proud

Alpine update:
After reading my last post, petting Leaf and Trellis, reading my last post again. I decided that SIL Poohla needs to have Alpine in Zephyr. I cut off the old and gave it one more try. Hooray! It's working now!

I made it through the 6th repeat on Unst (from Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting book).
No photos until I get through the border.

We went to the Skagit Valley Highland Games.

Wooly played in Professional Class back in the day.

Just a sneak peek...
The Macalester College Pipe Band from St Paul. MN was there.
So were the Portland Metro Pipe band, from Oregon. I like that they each had their own family kilt on.

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band from Burnaby, BC was the only class 1 band there.
Here's the SFU Pipe Major giving his motivational speech.
Look how focused the drummers are!
The announcer made a comment about their blue socks...Wooly laughed...I said, "what's wrong with their socks? It's my favorite color!" :)

The goal is to have it sound like one pipe and one drum playing. They really did a great job. Wooly said they're the best we'll hear outside of Scotland. They're heading off to Scotland for the World's next month. We wish them well! and wish we could go too! Play Loud and Proud! m:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Unst update:

I'm smitten with this project now! Just completed 5 repeats and have 5 to go! When I get up extra early without the alarm to sneak down and work a few rows before I start my day, I know I'm really loving it! I even managed to get Yuki to model with it. Everyone else was rolling their eyes and I wasn't even asking them to help hold or wear anything. :)

Ever feel cursed?

I've been wanting to make the Alpine Knit Scarf from VLT page 36 for my SIL Poohla for Christmas. She likes lavendar and I had Zephyr all ready to go. Now, I love Zephyr - merino and silk, soft, little bit of shine, makes beautiful fabric - and used it for many shawls - including Leaf and Trellis. For some reason this one feels different and is not cooperating. I've started and restarted at least 3 times with no success. I've decided to use Cashwool instead. Hopefully the curse will be broken. :)

Double Lily

I don't know what it's real name is, but it finally bloomed! See how it's a lily in a lily? Mom gave me these and they're doing better at my house than hers. I love how vibrant and happy they look.

Thanks to everyone for believing Unst would get better! It's funny how everyone is more confident in my ability than I am! ;) At least I'm determined! And using a lifeline, counting, focused and smitten! :)

Have a good week! m :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lifeline... you saved me more than once!

Unst update:

This has been quite the journey.

1. Tried to cast on 'my way' and it didn't work. Followed instructions... and it worked! duhh!

2. What's that smell? The yarn. Ok, I'll put up with it now that the nose knows!

3. Black dots on chart? Re-read page 23. I'm reading it right... maybe not... no, I really am... Thanks to Lorri for clarifying.

4. Dropped 2 stitches, but caught them in time. Made it to row 20 when I realized one got away. Aaauugghhh! Took a 'break' to surf the web and saw Fleegle's post about lifelines are your friend - use them! Wishing I had a lifeline... while ripping out... and starting over. :(

5. Got my lifeline, focus now... count! Did you say something? It's not lining up! Rip back 5 rows to lifeline. :(

6. Shhh... everything's going too well. Breathe. Made it through one repeat! Hooray!

So here I am on row 13 of the 2nd repeat. See my friend the pink lifeline?
Never ever had this much drama!!

My hydrangea. Closest thing to a firework in my yard. We'll be on 'fire watch' like usual.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

Let's make it safe and sane... USE A LIFELINE! m:)