Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lifeline... you saved me more than once!

Unst update:

This has been quite the journey.

1. Tried to cast on 'my way' and it didn't work. Followed instructions... and it worked! duhh!

2. What's that smell? The yarn. Ok, I'll put up with it now that the nose knows!

3. Black dots on chart? Re-read page 23. I'm reading it right... maybe not... no, I really am... Thanks to Lorri for clarifying.

4. Dropped 2 stitches, but caught them in time. Made it to row 20 when I realized one got away. Aaauugghhh! Took a 'break' to surf the web and saw Fleegle's post about lifelines are your friend - use them! Wishing I had a lifeline... while ripping out... and starting over. :(

5. Got my lifeline, focus now... count! Did you say something? It's not lining up! Rip back 5 rows to lifeline. :(

6. Shhh... everything's going too well. Breathe. Made it through one repeat! Hooray!

So here I am on row 13 of the 2nd repeat. See my friend the pink lifeline?
Never ever had this much drama!!

My hydrangea. Closest thing to a firework in my yard. We'll be on 'fire watch' like usual.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

Let's make it safe and sane... USE A LIFELINE! m:)


Lorraine said...

I understand exactly what you're experiencing.Lace can be a frightening thing!

Thank goodness for lifelines!

Brigitte said...

Lace and me...we're a love/hate relationship! Everyone is saying how I should use lifelines to help ease the pain a bit, so maybe I'm going to have to look that up.

Lorri said...

Your Unst is looking good. Now that you are getting in the rhythm I am sure it will go better. Of course, as soon as you decide that you don't need a lifeline you will find you made a big mistake. I would also recommend using stitch markers to mark every couple pattern repeats so you know right away if you missed something. I have been enjoying watching your lace!

fleegle said...

It is looking lovely! I lifeline every row because I am a coward! A real coward!

missalicefaye said...

It's looking lovely! I'm sure it will be smooth sailing from now on. :)

KnitSanity said...

Unst is a wonderful and very satisfying project to knit. It's well worth the effort. I love Richards yarns but the smell does take some getting used to. Thank goodness it goes away after a good washing.