Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tree Catcher

I'm through row 83 of the border for The Queen. You can see the full miter in the corners and the spiders marching around.
I'm just starting the lace mesh now (top holes.) It still seems like a billion stitches per round but, for me,  it's better than knitting 4 separate borders, then sewing them together.
"hear ye, hear ye... all hail the Queen!"
"Poser! I've been wearing the real crown since the beginning!"
"Kamati, your crown doesn't have jewels! You're the poser!"
"Hey! I thought I was next in line for the crown!"
"Smoothie, you're a smurf... I mean surf. You'll never wear the crown."

Yep, everyone wants to be royalty, because royalty rules.
In reality, the crown fits the lamb because she has the biggest head. :)

Tomato News
Look at Topsey! See all the flowers?! AND the huge tomato!!

There are 5 tomatoes and lots of flowers. Can you believe it?!
Not to be outdone, Planter has lots of flowers too, and a tomato!

Can you believe it?! We might get salsa this summer! :)

How to Catch a Tree
Mr K is catching trees at grandma's house. It's a bamboo pole. I think he looks like Brother with that baseball cap on. I'm sure Corey can't wait to catch them too.

It reminds me of when we were little and Dad had us practicing our casting. We had real fishing poles, and never caught a tree. :)

That last picture is your classic pee shot (if you ask me.) lol!

Happy Knitting!
I hope the sunshine has arrived at your house.


Anne said...

Well the Queen looks wonderful......I do so admire your lace knitting.....

The upside down tomato plant looks interesting -- wonder if they will taste the same LOL!!!

Aha, tree catching???? Gotta start them young for tree catching LOL!!!

Sonya said...

Your lace knitting is truly amazing! I'm in awe. I love your Hibiscus too.

Lorraine said...

Michele- Your shawl is stunning.

The sun is shining here- I think it will be a great year for tomatoes.

Dorothy said...

Queen is looking worthy of royalty! Can't imagine why your tomatoes are doing so much better than ours! We have topsy turvy and ground tomatoes and they're just stalled by all the cold weather.

Brigitte said...

Yes, it does look like Mr. K is being a guy by peeing in the wind.

I'm glad you got some sun! We have your rain, which we really, really need.

Are you keeping your shawl for yourself?!!