Sunday, July 19, 2009


I finished Aeolian for Mom's birthday.
Gotta say, I absolutely love everything about it and wish I could keep it for myself.

I only had 1 skein, so I made the shoulderette with the narrow edge.

Not the true color, but I'm trying to show the beads.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk - 70% silk 30% Seacell - Melon
S/L Transparent Light Amber AB beads - size 8
Clover bamboo needles - 3.5mm US4
23" x 42"

I really want to keep it for myself.
I'll be making a large one for myself soon. I'm not going to edit the beads. The big decision is which yarn to use. I have lots of precious lace yarn... one will be sacrificed for this dream project. :)


We decided we needed to 'unplug' and go to Cannon Beach Oregon.

Here we are by Haystack Rock. This will be our Christmas photo. Unless we come up with something better.

Wooly complained about my camera (Nikon) the whole time we were there. When he looked at the photos on the computer, he said, "HEY! Your camera takes NICE photos! I look ALOT better here, than in real life!"

Dude, the camera doesn't lie! He drives me crazy! He wished I had brought the Canon, but I wasn't going to drag it around with me.

We really unplugged and had fun drifting along. We're having post-vacation blues now.

Self timing camera fun.

You know the song... sing it with us!

Getting to know you...

Getting to know all about you...

Getting to like you...

Hoping that you like me...

Getting to know you...

Putting it my way, but nicely... (Wooly's sock!)

You are precisely, my cup of tea!

We went to Brother's house and had dinner with family & friends.

Mr K loves his camera (like brother & I).

I told Brother to look at the photos Mr K took...

Brother: "Who taught Mr K how to do the self timer?" while giving me the evil eye.

Me: "I don't know... Not me!... HONEST!" LOL!

We had the camera on the top of the couch.
Mr K was thrilled that the Wii was in the photos too. :)
I was thrilled that Corey & Wooly joined us... and that we had the giraffe & duck in the photos too.

Spending time with kids is another great way to unplug!

You know, I haven't knitted a stitch this last week. I didn't take knitting to the Coast. Since we've been back, I've been at work, or it's been too hot.

Since I last posted, I got through chart 1 of Genevieve.
I got half way through the final edge of Princess. I'm so ready to be done with Her Highness!

So, until next time, take a break & unplug! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Curse Continues

Sure enough! I ran out of yarn on the final edge!
Remember how Unst took me 3 tries?!
The Heirloom Knitting Curse continues!

The good news is that I knit 2 row, knit a break row, knit 2 rows, after I completed the Center... and took Seaglass' advice & short rowed them, so there is no jog.

The Princess has been sitting in her sexy bag...
I got an additional skein...
See it sitting in the bag too...?
There they sit...


While I was waiting for the yarn to arrive,
I decided to test my fate...

I started Genevieve. I ordered the kit from Renaissance Dyeing when it first came out. It's been sitting next to me on my couch ever since. I would pet it & admire the colors daily.

I 'talked' to the dyer via Ravelry & she suggested I get started. LOL! :)

Being the type that doesn't disappoint... I started.

Wouldn't it be funny if I ran out of yarn... NOT! LOL!


For Mom's birthday, I'm knitting her Aeolian.

I'm using Handmaiden Seasilk & S/L Gold AB beads & Bamboo needles.
It's absolute heaven for me.

I think Elizabeth Freeman is a genius. I loved Laminaria & made 2 of them. I'm going to make another Aeolian for myself. It sure has a lot of beads though. Might edit that on mine.

What's Blooming?

My pink Peony is blooming. I wait all year for them to bloom. Love love love them! I didn't get as many as last year. I think it's because it was a tough winter.

Despite lots of stress in my life, my neck & shoulder has stabilized! YAY! And my range of motion for my arm is better than normal! YAAY!

I still have a 'chicken arm' when I put my hand on my hip, and can't put it behind my back. Doc says that's going to take longer, so keep stretching that tendon. Will do!

I took Mom out to lunch & told her about my 'battle.' Poor Mom was biting her fingernails & finally told me I need some peace. Funny, my brother told me, Wooly & I need a spa day. I told him I need to go by myself... he laughed. Wooly is working on being kind to me. I think it's fear aggression... you know, like dogs. He's not use to me being less than 100% and doesn't know how to say, "Hey, I'm worried about you..."

Work has been a real pain in my headache too. I don't know why I can't handle the stress of it all. We get to keep the 11 positions, but all the full time people only work 38 hour weeks through the end of the year. People are pissed. I keep saying that we ALL win, but am concerned about what will happen next year... do they cut hours down to 35?!

Anyways, at least I've got Aeolian to work on! Absolute joy!
OH! and it's sunny!
And I'm on my summer schedule - work 2 days per week!


Have a great week! :)