Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Beauty Rose

"A little rose that laughs upon its stem,
one of the sweets with which the gardens teem,
in value soars above an eastern gem - if tendered as a token of esteem."
Allan Cunningham - poet

American Beauty Shawl - by BadCat
JaggerSpun Zephyr - Cassis
S/L Gold AB beads & heart beads size 8/0
3.25mm or US3 Turbo lace needles
65" X 35"

I joined BadCat's KAL for her birthday. She wanted American Beauty Roses for her garden. The real color is a dark magenta. I made mine pink. (Top photo is closest pink)

So, what do I love best about this shawl?

The knit on front side edging?

The rose motif with heart beads?
There's also roses on the shoulders (top photo), where my wings would be.

The lacy bottom edge & shiny beads?

If I had to choose, it would be the last. It's hard to photograph (the human eye is really irreplaceable). It's really lacey & the beads shine & I can't stop touching or looking at it.

You know growing roses takes a lot of effort. This shawl is much easier & you'll have roses all year long.

Thanks BadCat! Another beautiful design! :)

Asian Beauty

Spring has arrived.

The skies are blue, the cherry blossoms & tulips & daffodils are coming out.
Wooly is coming out too.

Saturday morning we were drinking coffee & he jumps up and says,

"OH! I have to tell you what happened at the grocery store!

I was pushing my cart out to the car, when I looked up, and there was the most beautiful Asian woman I've ever seen! She had long flowy black hair... red tube top... and she was STACKED... white short shorts... and the most beautiful, perfect legs I've ever seen! Not a blemish anywhere! OH! and high heels... not too high, but you know, 2 inches. I looked around and everyone in the parking lot was staring at her too. She was with a real normal looking guy, kinda scruffy... I swear, she was an Asian model, you know, the kind in the Asian magazines! I wanted to tell her to wait there, while I go home & get my camera so I could take a photo of her! She's a REAL ASIAN BEAUTY!"

As you can imagine, he was really animated, and so excited about his Asian Beauty sighting.

You all know I'm Asian, right? It's a good thing I was able to laugh at him being so silly.

I went upstairs to get ready for my day, then went back down & found him making breakfast. I put on my pouty face & said, "OH! UGH! I'm no longer your Asian Beauty. Oh! I'm so old. I don't have perfect legs, boohoo..." He consoled me & told me I'm still hot... especially when I'm not wearing my pajamas.

So I went to lunch with my mom. You know my mom... lots of fun & animated too. I told her the whole story, just like I told it here. She was screaming with laughter. At the end, she says, "Michele, you missed your chance! You should have put on your short shorts & come back down the stairs!"

I told her, "I don't have perfect legs... you have better legs than me!" which lead to more screaming with laughter.

I came home & Wooly asked how it went with Mom. I told him I told her about his Asian Beauty sighting. He put his hands on his head & said, "OH NO! You didn't!!!"

So, now I've told the whole world. Neener neener!

He told me who she looked like... I'm not impressed. But, now I'm not cutting my flowy black hair... it's all I've got. :D

Easter Bunny Sighting

What happens when Smoothie sees the Easter Bunny on tv...

"OH! Easter Bunny! What a beauty! *Faint*"

"Bunny! Get up! You're on my leg! Dad! Put that camera down & get bunny off me!"

"Wow, what a beauty! Those long white ears... pink nose..."

"Whatever. You hurt my leg."

Beauty is subjective.
Physical beauty doesn't last... neither do roses.
Enjoy it while it last! :)
Or make yourself a shawl!


bev said...

What a great post! And, who says you're not an Asian beauty! I know what you look like and you are glowy!

Shawl is beautiful. And just when did you start it? Speed knitter is what you are...
A glowy, Asian beauty, speed knitter with black flowy hair.

Lorraine said...

Michele- Be careful- some of those perfect girls are not girls at all!

The American Beauty is stunning, just like you.

carolyn said...

What a gorgeous shawl... I love the beads in additions to the lace!
I'm so envious of all the green plants in your photo... we still have snow. ;o(

Knitting Granny said...

Your American Beauty is beautiful! And I was (silently) screaming with laughter as I read the saga of Wooly's Asian Beauty...

Anne said...

Your American Beauty shawl is gorgeous -- just like your Michele -- and I'm positive Woody knows it (no matter what/who he looks at in parking lots LOL!)

Brigitte said...

LOL, that's hilarious! Well, an Asian Beauty you are (heh, the "stacked" comment was hilarious!) - especially modelling your beauty of a shawl! Wow, you're good.

So, Smoothie's smitten, huh? You'd better keep an eye on is that time of year, you know.

Sonya said...

Sorry I'm so late! That is such a lovely shawl. The color and the pattern work together perfectly.

Rebecca in CO said...

You are just TOO cute, LOL! My grandma used to tell me, 'Beauty is as beauty does,' meaning that your actions to others is what makes you beautiful.

Your American Rose shawl is stunning and I am seriously impressed with your lace knitting abilities.