Saturday, June 23, 2007

Go with the Flow...


This is what I've been working on. It's Go with the Flow from Inspired Knits.
Wooly (husband) asked if it was a child's sweater... I love you too!
It's a tanktop made from Stork %100 cotton
I sure hope I finish... I'm not feeling too inspired!
The lamb card is from Anne... see (!) it's really me! :)

My Japanese Iris' are inspiring though! I say it every year... "perfect shade of purple!"

More later... enjoy your weekend! m :)


Lorri said...

Thank you for the comments on my Shetland Lace Stole. I love the lace on your tank top. Very pretty.

Brigitte said...

Hi Michelle! So cool that you're blogging, and thanks for your comments on mine! I checked out SEK, and your Eshaness is beautiful (yay, another FI'er!).

Lovely top - anything with cables is good for me!

KnitSanity said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Designing lace is a lot of fun and I plan to do a lot more. It just takes a lot of time and planning.

Your Iris’ are beautiful and I agree that they are the perfect shade of purple!

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I'm sure you will enjoy it.