Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Percy, Get Your Guitar

Percy Shawl hugging Hydrangea

Nuppy goodness! Another chevron block.

The details:

Knit Picks Bare Merino - 53 grams - 467 yds
Jacquard dyed lilac + a touch of hot fuschia by me
Size 8 beads - TR light marine blue with gold luster
Addis Lace needles - US5 or 3.75mm
27" x 52"
Mom's Christmas present

I know why some people skipped Chart B. Purling in pattern took total concentration! Was worth the effort. I also love all the nupps. (No! I'm NOT crazy! *wink*)

Changes I made: On the edge- YO, Ktb, YO on odd rows, on even rows I added the bead using a crochet hook. Learned this from Romi - Bluebird. It makes the beads show in the front. I also Ktb on the Center stitch.

The double stranded cast off used 4 grams of yarn. I love that look.

Road Trip

We went to Ellensburg, WA because Wooly researched and found a Martin J40 guitar there. It was the only one in the USA besides the 2 at Martin. He wanted to play it & find out if it was really as good as everyone says.
He finger picks, early 1900's Blues style

Meanwhile, I was making friends...

"Hey lady, why don't you make yourself useful & rub my belly?
Easy now, I'm NOT a dog.
Ohhh, yes... right there" *puurrrrrr & kneading*

This cat is the resident shop cat. He followed me everywhere. Rubbed against my leg, and threw himself down, belly up in front of me. Very dog-like. I kneeled down to pet him. Started humming to Wooly's playing while rubbing his belly & he turned into a purr machine. Then the kneading started. I think he was ready to follow me home.

Then Wooly says, "I'm buying this guitar."
Me: "What?! That was fast!"
Sale guy: "It's an excellent guitar, I don't know why it's still here. We've had it since 2002."
Me: "Bye black kitty..."
Kitty: "dammit. I get you trained & you leave."

Needless to say, Wooly is thrilled to have his perfect guitar. He feels like he stole it from them, it's brand new. It sounded great with old strings and he knew he was buying it after the first strum. Now that it's got new strings, it's even better.

Here's some photos taken on the way back.
The sign says 70mph. We were going 75 & everyone was passing us.
We must be getting old.

Some Fall colors. It was really pretty.

Now Wooly wants to move to Ellensburg. Don't worry, he always wants to move to wherever we visit.

Next time I'll have some Fair Isle sweater knitting to show you.

Until then, happy knitting!

Peace out! :)