Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We went to the Bellingham Games. As you can see, it was a perfect day. Jack called Wooly over and showed him his pipes that he won his individual world gold medal with. Here he is playing them in the professional class. Notice the blue socks.

I've been challenged to design a stranded sweater. I told Wooly that someone would like to see how I view the world. He said, "so your sweater is going to be all black, right? HAhaha!"
Very funny dooshbag.

This is my favorite enhancer. It's a lotus flower that's engraved mother of pearl, blue topaz, sterling silver and gold. I wear it all the time and consider it my signature. It represents the spiritual journey towards enlightenment and cosmic harmony, truth, purity and wisdom. It's designed by Barbara Bixby, whose jewelry is intricate, edgy, and represents ideals that we're all striving for... to become better.

When I first starting wearing this, my friends and family all thought it didn't look like something I would wear. I don't know what the heck that means. Anyways...
Smoothie was very supportive and came up with this. He thinks it looks like bunny ears. I don't see it.
Kamati wanted to give it a go and came up with this. He thinks it's like Africa. I don't see it.

The more I stare, the more I think it would make great wrapping paper... or a quilt.

Then I was looking through my Rowan magazines, looking for sweater shapes that were appealing to me and saw an ad for Kaffe's quilt book. Took it as a sign and typed in "Kaffe Fassett Quilts" in Amazon and saw all his quilt books. The quilt on the cover of his quilt romance book caught my eye. It's the same shape as the lotus rotated 90*. And the quilt on the cover of his country garden is also a glorified lotus.

Maybe I should be quilting instead. I'm going to think about that.

On a recent Tuesday Date Day, Wooly and I ended up at a Dodge dealership. Don't know how that happened. We ended up sitting in a 2010 Challenger SRT8. I've always loved American muscle cars. When we were first watching NCIS LA and that car made it's appearance, both of us jumped up and screamed.
Here it is in red. The one on tv and the one we sat in was all black. Wooly said it was the devil. I told Wooly if I knew I had 6 months to live, I would buy that car, quit work, pack a bag and start driving. He could come too, but I'm driving!

I was at work staring out the window at break and guess what came rolling up in the parking lot across the street?! Yep! The Challenger! I emailed Wooly immediately.

The following week, I was staring out the window again and there it was AGAIN! As I was lusting over it, I had a weird feeling, like Wooly was up to no good.

While we were eating dinner that night, Wooly says, "I bought a set of bagpipes!"

I said, "HAH! I knew it!" I told him about that feeling I got.

He said he emailed Terry (Jack's brother) for photos of a set of pipes he had for sale. Then he called and said, "Let me talk to Terry. This is Wooly in Washington."

"Wooly in Washington, this is Terry in Vancouver...."

"Hey, Terry in Vancouver... send me those pipe!!"

"You got it!!"

The rest is history. Wooly said to me, "Well, we didn't buy the car, so I bought the pipes..."

I'm totally blaming Jack. It's all his fault. Everytime Wooly sees him, he buys a set of pipes.

No, wait. I'm blaming the Challenger. Now Wooly feels like we saved $50,000+.

What kills me, is that last Friday, I took the day off because I hate work so much that I just needed to not be there. Ironically, Barbara Bixby was on QVC for 4 hours, so I sat there and just hung on her every word and never ordered a single thing. I just enjoyed listening to her talk. She's so pretty. She's so inspired. I wish I were inspired. Then I got on the computer and found her website. Now I want the real thing. But I want to see it in person.

Maybe I should buy the Challenger, pack a bag, and drive to her store!!! HAhaha!

Life. What a challenge.

Okay. To end on a happier note...

Mr K is working hard at playing the piano.
Whose hand is that in the lower left corner?  Yep, baby brother Corey!

Here they are practicing for their future boy band...
"We like that old time Rock & Roll!"

I want to know why they both have better pajamas than I do.

Happy Knitting! 
Vroom Vroom! :)