Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sit. Stay. Heal.


Sorry for the absence. Lots happening in May.
Look at my buddy at 3+ months! He's so cute!
I look like Scary Auntie, but it's not about me...

Where's my brother?

This was taken at Mother's Day. Remember how the endorphins kicked in & lasted days when I first held him when he was born? Didn't happen this time!


Monday after Mom's Day, we get an email at work... "Emergency Mandatory Meeting @ 9am."
We all looked at each other... WTF?!

As it turns out, they're laying off 11 people from my group based on 'number of hours worked.'
We were all in shock. You know I only work 3 days a week, right?! Those who's start date was after me, all have more hours worked than me now!

No, I'm not sorry I'm working part time... even though I kinda shot myself in the foot.
They've never let people in my position go... ever. I'll survive this round of layoffs, but feel sick for those who are leaving. They're my friends & really good co-workers. I want everyone to stay.

Are you looking at me?!

These two black cats were yowling on our front stairs. I think the one looking at me is feral - real skittish. The other one has a collar & never looked at me. They both look kinda rough.

I wanted them to stay, but Wooly said he was going to throw water at them, so they left.
Wooly says the feral one is leaving deposits outside his window, by his chair. I reminded him that he IS the Shit Magnet. ;)


My right shoulder has been giving me pain since December. I was knitting like crazy, trying to get things done for Christmas & not taking breaks. It's been hurting ever since.

I went to my doctor, who blew me off & told me to lean into a corner & stretch out those muscles... I tried it. It hurt both shoulders, so I didn't continue. No, he didn't even do x-rays!

As a result of the stress of layoffs, it really started hurting. I looked in the mirror & couldn't put my hand on my hip, lift my arm straight up over my head or to the side, or put it behind my back.

I showed Wooly. He asked it was my brain misfiring. It's not. It's like my shoulder is locked. Impingement? Maybe, but I don't have full range motion of my arm - damn it! It's your neck. There's nothing wrong with my neck - damn it!

I was frustrated. He told me to call his Chiropractor. I don't like Chiropractors, but was desperate. As it turned out, I felt incredibly relaxed around him. He told me my 6th & 7th vertebrate were out, resulting in my tendons tightening up, everything is compensating for it. Sent me in for x-rays. Sure enough, those vertebrates were out & the ball of my arm was up too high - locked my shoulder - and my shoulder was too far forward & up. That's also why I've been getting headaches & feeling dizzy & lost strength in my right arm. Yes, I felt crippled!

He pushed my neck in. Pushed my shoulder down & back. We're now working on stretching out the tendons. He says the tendons take the longest to heal because so little blood goes through them. After 3 visits, I feel lots better & have my knitting control/tension back. I'm taking lots of breaks now. I didn't want to never knit again!

Hawaiian Sea Turtle telling a tale.

So I feel like I've turned from the speedy smooth rabbit or swift gemsbok, into a tale telling turtle. :)

Oh, and Smoothie is still miffed that the Easter Bunny never showed up. He washed his face & everything. He keeps showing me his tail & saying that someones pants is on fire (liar) for making him think EB was coming here. It wasn't me! He saw it on the evil tv! I told him maybe EB didn't have to come to our house since we have a resident rabbit... That really pissed him off. Oh! The tale telling turtle seems to have calmed him down. Finally, peace in Miyamojo. ;)

Wooly thinks it's so weird that I'm not knitting when he looks over at me during our tv time. I'm learning to take breaks... for my health!

Princess Havarti

Despite the pain (yes, I was in denial!) I managed to get pretty far on the Center.

So close & yet so far

My tension sucked for a while, but I didn't care. I've got 26 stitches left on each side to attach. 52 rows left! YAY! I'm on my last skein. I'm seriously wondering if I'm going to run out. I still have to do the rest of the edging around the bottom corner & along the top.

Humongous Havarti has a life of its own.

What blooming?

My Iris' are finally blooming!

I love these purple & white ones. I have lots of the solid lavender ones too. I keep thinking it would be a nice background for the Princess. I hope something nice is blooming by the time I'm finished with her!

So, take time to tell a tale! Or walk in your yard! Take pictures of your flowers!

For your health!

I'm off to stretch my shoulder.

Peace out! :)