Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let it SNOW!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hand knits in front of Poinsettia Tree
(Echaness & Irish Moss)

Let it Snow!

The weather outside is frightful!
(We've been stuck at home for a week! Wooly is going stir crazy. I'm happily knitting in my pajamas. All festivities have been cancelled.)

But the Fair Isle (Ransom) is so delightful!
(...*fake snore*... must sleep! Santa's coming!...)

Since we've no place to go... Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!
(Go Brother GO... whoo hoo!!)

Our trip to the 'Zoo'

This was after we got our picture taken (before the snow) in front of the Poinsettia Tree.

Wooly & the Lion traded hats...

Wooly really wanted to bring home the Cheetah...
He thought the Hyena - bottom right - was cool too...
(But, can you image the chaos with Kamati & Smoothie?!)

This guy realllly wanted to come home with me!
(I didn't check the price, the Lion was $500, so why ruin the joy?!)

We didn't see any Gemsbok/Oryx (Kamati), so he is truly unique.

Hope you experience as much joy as Mr K in the snow... this holiday season!

We'll have a great time in 2009!
Got your list (Queue) ready?!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where'd you get that sweater?

Here's Wooly in his new coat. I called him 'Paddington Bear' and he didn't know what I meant.

He went to the jewelry store dressed like this and the sales lady said, "Wow! Nice sweater!" He said, "You like this sweater?" she said, "Yes! Where'd you get it from?" He said, "My WIFE made me this sweater!!" she said, "*gasp* Your wife made it?" He said, "Yes, she made me 8 sweater!" Then he let her pet his cables.

He comes home and says, "I've got a great story! It'll make your day!"
It SURE did! Nice to know there are people out there that appreciate hand knits. It would have been even better if it included something shiny from the jewelry store! ;)

Leo's Sweater

This is Wooly's hero Leo Rowsome.
He played Irish Pipes (best ever) and passed away in 1970.
In 1979 Wooly went to Ireland and met his widow Helena and had tea with her. She liked Wooly and let him play Leo's pipes! What an honor! Leo hand made his pipes.

Good 'ole Wooly... I guess having the 'gift of the gab' and more balls than brains can lead to rewards.

Wooly loves Leo's sweater and wanted me to make him one. I told him I wanted 'full participation' from him, so go find the pattern for that cable and I'll make him one.

I mentioned it in Ravelry and our new friend Michael thought it looked like the sweater Martin Storey designed and sent me a photo.

Sure looks close! No?! I showed it to Wooly and was all ready to make him one with 5 cables across. He thought about it... and decided he has enough sweaters.

BOOooooo! Well if he changes his mind, I know where to get it! So, I guess it's 'all about me' for a while!

"Smoothie! Stop fooling around! SCAT!!"
"..but... but... it's warm here!"

Here's the pretty rib I promised. I'm telling you, Fair Isle is addictive! You start knitting around... get in your rhythm... oohhh change color! and before you know it... you've got a pretty rib!

See Smoothie's label says, 'Smoothie' ... I don't make these things up!

First snow=December 14.

I made it to work on Monday. It was 12*F in the morning. My gloved fingers were hurting, so I was glad the bus showed up, after waiting 30 minutes. (damn public transportation! since we're trying to keep this happy, I'll stop talking now... )

Kamati & Smoothie want you to sing along, to the tune of Winter Wonderland...
Kamati: " In the morning we will build a SNOWMAN! "
Smoothie: " And pretend that he's a circus CLOWN! "
Kamati: " We'll have lots of fun with MR SNOWMAN! "

Kamati: "Wha..?! THAT does it! MOMmm!

Smoothie: "HAHaa! HEEEeee!! I made a funny! heeheehee!"

I'm off to try and get Kamati to stop pouting.
Hope all's well in your world!
Stop and admire the hand knits! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's Going On?!

Smoothie: "Kamati, what's going on? Why are Dad's sweater here?"
Kamati : "Cuz Mom's going to take photos of them."
Smoothie: "Why?"
Kamati : "Cuz Mom got herself in Ravelry."
Smoothie: "Why?"
Kamati: "Cuz she 'gave in.'"
Smoothie: "Why?"
Kamati: "She's been asking herself that!"

Yeah, Ravelry... it's a love/hate relationship. I love looking at how projects look different depending on what yarn/color is used (especially with lace shawls!) But I feel like my head is going to explode because there are soooo many projects that I want to knit now! Endless! And I spend waaay too much time looking around, and I get lost, but found that if you 'heart' a project, you can go back & look at it again instead of wasting more time trying to remember where you saw it & all the details!

Are you lost?!

Take a look at who dropped by the other day!

Any idea what kind of bird this is? It's about 12" from head to tail. We've never seen one like this before. He hung around for about 10 minutes and we haven't seen him since.

We think he's a predator that was on his way to California, but stopped here, since it's still warm here (50* at time of sighting). **We think it's a Sharp-Shinned Hawk - thanks Christina!**

Christmas Knitting

Triinu Scarfs - Knitted Lace of Estonia - Nancy Bush
Knit Pick's Alpaca Cloud lace weight - Stream
Zeyphr lace weight -wool & silk - Deep purple
Colourmart - cashmere & cotton 2/33 - Cyclamen
Addis Lace Needle - US4 or 3.5mm
For Christmas gifts

Yep, those are nupps!

Blocking Shot.

I enjoy making nupps. I also like the double stranded bind off and how the edges appear loopy because you bring the yarn in front and slip the first stitch as to purl on every row.

I want to knit the Queen Silvia, Maikell, and Madli's Shawl someday. And the Peacock Tail & Leaf Scarf. All from that book. Like I said, "endless!"

More Confusion

So, what's next? No, not more lace! I'm going to do Fair Isle! After all, winter is sweater making time. Okay, I'm making a vest (instead of a sweater)... or two!

Merry Christmas to ME!

Here's where it gets confusing. Anne (She Ewe Knits) mailed this yarn kit from Ontario Canada on December 1st. It arrived yesterday! Only 9 days?! What's going on?!

Our post delivery lady is our next door neighbor. I said, "A package?! For me?! From where?? CANADA??!! No Way!!!!" She says Canada Post has gotten lots better. It has for me!

It's so easy for me to order from Anne. I just say, "I want yarn packs for Ransom & Windsor Waistcoat - size small,... Yes, Lorraine sent me the patterns,... Yes, same mailing address,... Yes, Wooly's paying! heh!,... Say 'hi' to Daisy & Caelee!,... What?! It's snowing?! Be careful driving in the snow... wait, you're use to that, never mind!" :)

Oh! I discovered the joy of Etsy shopping! No one told me I would have to open an account! Slippery Slope! Just like Ravelry! I'm loving it!

Okay, I've got to step AWAY from the computer now. Maybe next time I'll have a pretty vest rib to show you... especially if I step AWAY from the computer! ;)

Happy Knitting!