Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Boys, Big Noise

Mr K, my favorite big boy, is practicing his management skills...

"Gramps, when you get done, my Playskool car needs waxing...
Easy now..., wax on... wax off...
You missed a spot..."

Pacific NW Scottish Highland Games

We went to Enumclaw, WA to see my other favorite boys...
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.
Look! They're wearing black socks!

It was exciting when they marched in! A bunch of pipers rushed inside the blue lines to listen and get a good look. I was disappointed, because here I had sat behind the blue line all day, and was aced out of a perfect spot! I turned to complain to Wooly and he was gone... he rushed in when he realized what was happening. :( Then I realized my card for my camera was full, so this is the only photo I got. Very disappointing! And what happened to their blue socks?!

More Big Noise

We also celebrated Mom's 70th birthday!

She was surprised that I had 'occasion appropriate' wrapping paper and was carefully opening it because she wanted to save it to use on my birthday gift. When she finally got it open, the screaming began...

"Oh! WOW! (screaming sounds)"

Wooly said, "Sounds like she likes it!"

Then she asked how to wear it. I put it on her head and said, "Like this!"

"You have a doily on your back!"

She started laughing so hard she was crying! I think she looks like those Russian Nesting dolls that she collects. Then I wanted to take a photo and she said, "Wait! wait! I have to look somewhat serious!... Okay, hurry! I have to pee!"

I put Lyra on the table so she could see the pattern and told her that fancy people put it on their round table with a vase of flowers... She said, "Fancy people?! (giggle) Wait! I have a round table! (starts jumping) I can't wait for my friends to see it...! They all want to be your friend because I told them you knit for your friends...!" I told her NOT to promise them anything!

Wooly played his bagpipes for her. We all had fun.

In Knitting News...

Unst has a border!

I had just finished and gave it a quick look and thought I had knit it on the wrong side! Wooly was waiting in the car, so I ran out to join him so we could get groceries. Wooly asked what was wrong and I told him. He was horrified too! I bought a piece of carrot cake, just in case I needed to console myself. When we got home, I looked again, WHEW! False alarm!

Now, I need to knit it again for the second border... right side up! ;)

Summer Sampler Stole

Patterns 7 Blackberry Bramble (bottom)

Pattern 8 - Surf Side (middle)

Pattern 9 - Fritillaria (top)

Only 3 patterns to go + edging!

I have a feeling I'll be doing edging for Unst at the same time.

Can you believe August starts this Friday?

We're not travelling this summer because someone bought bagpipes instead (ahem!)

Wooly asked if I was disappointed and I told him that when you think about it, we've never been as social or busy as we have been this summer... and we haven't had as much fun either! So, I'm really enjoying being at home and hanging out with our friends.

Hope you're having fun too! Happy Knitting! Enjoy every day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bagpiper & Lyra Maiden


Here's Wooly playing on the 4th of July at our friend's house... He's playing his full silver set of bagpipes that his friend made him. The silver has the Celtic Knot design and my friends said I need to get that tattooed around my arm so we'll be connected... No thanks! :)

Here's Wooly playing in our backyard...
This is his bagpipe from Ontario. More tradition style with Nickel and Imitation Ivory. These are the ones Jack has. (Anne & Brigitte - I did tell him we should just go pick them up... he said 'absolutely NOT!' I guess that means 'no.' :) )

We had Brian & Maki over on Sunday. Brian mentioned that he was Scottish. I asked if he has a kilt. He does! In his family's tartan! Maki said it was blue & blue. (She's Japanese, her English is getting better. heehee!) Wooly asked if he liked bagpipes. Brian said, "Love them! Don't you play?!" So, Wooly did a concert. Maki has never heard bagpipes before... she was saying, "wow!" while he was tuning inside. Brian said, "Wow! That's some good shitt!"

It's pretty exciting because Wooly is getting better. I do love hearing him play. Maybe he will start competing again!

Lyra Maiden

Hey! I finished Lyra!

Blob on kitchen floor

Center Leaves


Best full photo I could get

Lyra by Herbert Niebling (round version)

Lane Borgosesia Cashwool - Extra fine merino - #63

Various needles - 2.5mm + 3mm + crochet hook

50"x50" blocked at widest points

Made for Mom's Birthday

Wooly: "What is it?"

Me: "A huge doily."

Wooly: "Doily? Do you wear it slung over yourself?"

Me: "You can... or you can put it on a table..."

Wooly: "Table? Where it will get dirty and food all over it? No! It's too nice for that!"

Me: "That's only at our house. Fancy people put it on the table then put a vase of flowers on top."

Wooly: "Fancy people??" LOL!

My Mom has a round table... I would consider her a fancy person... She will scream and jump up and down and love it.

The only words of wisdom I have is that you need to throw everything you know about reading charts out the window and trust the directions. "Blank squares have no significance" I almost didn't get past the 5th row because I was knitting the blank squares and running out of stitches! (Laritza - I just couldn't bother you with that!)

Now that I'm done, I'm feeling lost, but Summer Sampler & Unst are waving at me, so it's not like I don't have anything to do. Eventually, I'm going to make one for myself... to go over the non existing round end table... in my non existing fancy house! :) Maybe I'll make a square one too! Yep! I really love this pattern.

C'mon people! Reprint more patterns please!

What is a Lyra? It looks like a protea to me...

Hope you have a great week! Enjoy every day! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rap Tap Ratchet

"The Seattle Mariners called... they need this wheelbarrow fixed for the game tonight...
Here's a 12mm ratchet, get busy, time's a wasting!"

Mr K wearing Mariner's baseball shirt

"Let's see, it looks like if I just tighten it up here, we should be good to go..."

Hard at work, notice his tummy!

"Okay Dad! All done! Back to my music!"

Rap tap tap... faster, faster, louder!

"Uncle Wooly says that I need to practice my drumming because he needs me to play while he plays his bagpipes...

Mom has been sick (morning sickness)... maybe if I play louder, she'll get out of bed!"

Meanwhile, in my world...

We went to friend's house for the 4th and Wooly brought his bagpipes. He played outside on their deck and we all cheered him on. We created a monster! Now he's playing outside at our house! Haven't hear any complaints from the neighbors... yet.

He got his new set of bagpipes from Ontario and is in heaven. I guess we'll just stay at home and listen to him play since he spent our vacation money on it!!

At least I have fun knitting projects to work on while he's making noise...

Here's Summer Sampler Stole...

Patterns 5 & 6

The bottom pattern is called The Grand Spider and the upper one is called Summer Wheat. We're half way done, since there are 12 patterns total, plus an edging.

Here's Lyra...

I'm on row 120 of 180 and have started the flower (left hand side). These row are getting long! I keep looking at the calendar, Mom's birthday is less than 2 weeks away. I think I'll just focus on Lyra so I'll have it done by her birthday.

Hope you're all enjoying summer! Got vacation plans?

If you needs some 'music' to go along with the sunshine, we'll send Wooly and Mr K right over!

Happy Knitting! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Purple Turbo

Summer has arrived.
I was waiting for a warm day to block this purple Magic Carpet Ride.

Mom, it's too hot for a scarf!

Magic Carpet Ride by Susan Pandorf
Woolen Rabbit Whisper Merino lace yarn - Arabian Nights
Foxden beads - 8-0013F
12" x 60"

More Purple

My Japanese Iris' are blooming! What a show stopper! The first year I had 3 blooms, last year I had 7, this year I counted 16 buds!

I say this every year, "Perfect shade of purple!" I just wish they lasted longer. I got these from my Mom, who got them from a friend. Mine are really happy here, so I think they should just give me all of theirs! hee hee.. ;)

We went to Fred Meyer's (store) yesterday and I saw this Lavender & White Stripey Japanese Iris just sitting there waiting for me. I searched the whole garden section to see if anyone else wanted to come home with me, but there was just this one.

I emailed my Mom this photo and she couldn't believe I got it at Fred's. She hasn't seen one like this either.

In Knitting News...

Lyra - I'm through row 72 of 180. As you can see, we've got some leaves now. Still fun. I'm anxious to see how big or small the final project will be. I'm thinking of giving this to Mom for her birthday, which is towards the end of July.

Unst v.3 - I've got 6 of 10 repeats done and it's still not on the floor! I'm getting sick of this pattern... but I've only knitted it 23 times...

Alhambra - I've only done one more repeat while waiting for Wooly's brother to arrive. I didn't want to be in the middle of a long row. So, I've got 11 of 17 repeats done, but just going to use all the yarn. It's not a challenge for me, so pretty boring, but will make a good gift, or maybe I'll just keep it for myself.

Summer Sampler Stole - We're through the 5th pattern of 12. It's called The Grand Spider and we got to make 7 into 7 - Estonian lace - love it! I'll show patterns 5 & 6 next week.

Fulmar - No progress. I've got the front & back done. I want to finish it before Mr K's 2nd birthday in December. I think it would look nice over a kilt... but I don't have a kilt.

In Mr K's world...

Wanna ride? Beep beep! Vroom!

Check out his green shoelaces! He's 1.5 years now. I can't believe he's walking.

Guess who's pregnant??!!

Wooly's glad... that it's not his...

No, it's not Jack's! Who said that??!! Yes, I think he's cute... yes, I want his blue socks...!

Wait. What were we talking about? Stop distracting me! LOL! :D

Mr K is gonna be a big brother! 2/17/2009 is the due date! They can't believe it either! My Mom got teary. My Brother called me at work, and I had to do my happy dance very quietly. I have to make a baby quilt and a sweater to wear... or I can just wear Autumn Oregon. Maybe I'll be done with Unst... that would be nice.

So, Mr K is going to have someone to push around... in the car. ;) He will no longer be the center of the universe. I really like having a brother. SIL is an 'only' and she wishes she had a sibling. I'm so happy I have something to look forward to!

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends...

Happy Independence Day to my American friends...

Freedom... it's a good thing! :)